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Griffon Paris


This is a special, handmade GRIFFON-PARIS motorcycle.The engine was stationary and produced around 1930. We processed it to become suitable for a motorcycle. The engine is produced by the Hungarian scientist Csonka János. 125cc with a carburetor: Greatzin, we installed an external magnet for ignition. Many original parts were used for this motorcycle:
carbide light "Hella" with original glass "HARTGLAS.MF" and original gas nozzle;
original brass whistle "Deluxe";
seat "Lepper Primus" and other parts.
New Continental tires were installed. We've built the frame and many other details to got a complete and functional look. All the welds are made with a brass solder, as it was done in the distant 1930 in the production of motorcycles.
We gave this bike a new spirit and the vision from the 1930s.