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Suzuki TU250x Scrambler


The transformation of this project began with unmounting the unnecessary parts as well as changing the old 320mm shock absorbers with new and higher ones - RFY 400 mm. We cut the back part of the frame, bending in into new shape for the comfortable seat. We removed the big filter box and mounted a new, smaller sport filter. While doing that, we created a new box for the battery, fastened to the frame. The exhaust pipe is made by Louis. We changed the lights with new ones, in the famous scrambler style. We engineered a whole new installation and we managed to hide every cables and relays that we could.The engine and the carburetor are completely served. Speaking of the engine, we painted it black. For the carburetor, we gave him a big cleaning and finished it with a matte aluminium effect. We bought Heidenau K60 SCOUT tires, great for asphalt as well for offroad. The painting process was done with a precise hand, laying black and red pearl paint with matte lacquer. Every bolt is stainless. Every detail is touched and finished with huge love and passion.