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NSU OSL 251 Restoration

NSU OSL 251 restoration by Moto Kustoms

Представяме ви поредната реставрация за наш клиент. Снимките са само малка част от целия процес на пълното възстановяване на този невероятен мотоциклет. След реставрацията от Мото Къстъмс този мотоциклет се движи невероятно, както и изглежда.

Handmade E-bike

e-bike handmade

Introducing one of our handmade electric bikes. We used an English retro bicycle frame that we redesigned and installed an electric motor. We installed a three-phase 500-watt engine and a large enough battery to drive 100 km at a top speed of 35 km / h.

Suzuki TU250x Scrambler

Suzuki scrambler

The transformation of this project began with unmounting the unnecessary parts as well as changing the old 320mm shock absorbers with new and higher ones - RFY 400 mm. We cut the back part of the frame, bending in into new shape for the comfortable seat.

MZ RT 125/2 1956

One more of our restorations is on display. We gave life to this classic motorcycle MZ RT 125/2 from 1956. When a this unique motorcycle came out of our workshop in 2019 years, we realized that when it's out from the MZ factory in 1956, it was a real perfection for those years.

Wanderer SP1 1939

Here you can see the restored Wanderer SP1 manufactured in 1939. The motorcycle is 98cc, 2,25ps, with two gears and move perfect for its years. We made a complete restoration and saved many of the original details.

Griffon Paris

This is a special, handmade GRIFFON-PARIS motorcycle.The engine was stationary and produced around 1930. We processed it to become suitable for a motorcycle. The engine is produced by the Hungarian scientist Csonka János.